Dear Visitors:


Welcome to the Department of Business Administration at NCUE, Changhua, Taiwan.


We have over 14 years of teaching, developing and nurturing our students’ business capabilities. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs that are designed to fit the needs of and trends in business.


Our undergraduate BA program delivers the sound foundations of business theory while offering the opportunity to assimilate knowledge in associating specialisms such as tourism, education and finance. Our innovative program gives students opportunities to exchange with partners in Japan, the USA and Europe. These opportunities give students an important opportunity to internationalize their perspective in sound learning environments.


Our graduate full-time MBA program targets applicants from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Through the sound grounding we instill in the business discipline combined with the rigors of a research based dissertation our graduates have little difficulty in finding good industry positions on graduation.  Starting from 2015, our department plans to set up a full-EMI (English Mediated Instruction) 


Our on-the-job IMBA program targets middle managers and business owners. Through international perspectives, sharing of practice and introduction of current theory participants gain fresh insights into current management thought.


In Dept. of Business Administration, our faculty members from leading foreign and local universities bring sound academic knowledge and practice to the classroom.  We are actively engaged in advancing knowledge in their respective disciplines.Acting as opinion leaders they are widely travelled, respected and awarding winning. We try our best to integrate our research based knowledge with industry experience to create a vibrant learning environment.


Our faculty members also increasingly engage with cutting-edge teaching practice in the use of online and virtual classrooms. We maintain strong links with practice through regular industry visits, presentations from leading executives and through cross-fertilization of experience from our executive programs. Recent visits to the global bike manufacturer Giant, car maker Nissan and Sang Yang Motors.


Our student body is increasingly diverse. With exchange and full-time students from Germany, Indonesia, China, Malaysia we can claim an increasingly international on-campus environment. The campus, located on the idyllic national scenic Bagua Mountain in central Taiwan, is a beautiful location to study and learn. With easy access to road and rail connection all parts of Taiwan are within easy reach.


We look forward to welcoming you on campus.

Sincerely yours,
Che-peng (Jeff) Lin, Chair, Dept. of Business Administration, NCUE